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A clean office is always a more productive office, but if you work in an office that is shared by a lot of workers, it’s very easy for it to become dirty and disorganized. Everyone is focused on their work and sometimes people feel like they don’t really have time to vacuum the carpet or scrub the break room.

Unfortunately, neglecting office cleaning can turn into decreased productivity, disinterested workers and turned-off clients. Office cleaning can easily be overlooked, but it is a vital part of a successful business.

It can be difficult to know where to start with your office cleaning, so we put together seven office cleaning tips to keep your office looking and feeling like a business that deserves respect and a place where your team can be the most productive. Here are some very effective tricks to help with office cleaning.

Create a Clean Office Culture

This is the most important tip, and that is why we mention it first. If every team member truly understands the importance of keeping a clean workspace it will make all the office cleaning duties much easier. Make sure all your new employees really comprehend that keeping a tidy office is an important part of their job.

If everyone does a little everyday and takes a few extra minutes to clean common areas, then everyone will take pride in your clean office. You can make things fun by providing awards for the cleanest workstation, and make sure to compliment workers if you see them cleaning a common area.

Positive reinforcement doesn’t only work for children, everyone loves positive reinforcement even if they don’t show it. If everyone enjoys having a clean office, it will become a habit for everyone, making it much easier to keep everything looking great and help everyone perform their best.

Make Sure Cleaning Supplies Easily Accessible

It usually works best if every worker has their own cleaning supplies, simple things like screen cleaners, disinfectant wipes, and dusting tools at their desk. You don’t ever want your employees to have to provide their own cleaning supplies to clean your office.

Having all the cleaning supplies needed might seem like a big expense, but the amount of extra cleaning that will take place will be well worth it. In common areas like break rooms all the cleaning supplies should be easy to get to and have a labeled place where they are kept. Brooms, dustpans, dish soap, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, glass cleaner, and a vacuum are a few items that you will need.

If an employee makes a mess and needs to search to find the right cleaning supplies, chances are pretty high that they might not clean up properly. If people don’t find the right supplies quickly it is likely they will use that as an excuse to not clean and then someone else will need to clean up after them, and that will hurt the office culture. If you have the supplies, and they are easy to find, your employees will not have an excuse to not keep the office clean.

Take Out The Trash Daily

Nothing is worse than a stinky messy trash can. The only way to prevent this is to take out the trash at the end of every work day, so it doesn’t sit overnight and attract bugs or become gross and stinky. Every employee should have their own trash can and be responsible for dumping it into the primary trash bin.

A simple rule is that whenever something is wet or whenever you have food in your trash can it needs to be emptied. Rotate who takes out the trash everyday, or every week, or however your team thinks will make the most sense. But make sure they know that taking out the trash everyday is important to the whole team. Nothing turns off a client more than the smell of trash!

Clean the Floors

Sweeping and/or vacuuming should occur at least two or three times per week. With many people coming in and out of the office, they are always bringing in dirt from the outside. Depending on the type of floor you have it can be hard to notice the dirt, but it is there. People might not realize all the disease-causing bacteria that is found on shoes, so even if your floor doesn’t look dirty, it definitely needs to be cleaned.

Dirt and dust that you don’t see can be kicked up into the air and then fall onto other surfaces and can cause allergic reactions. We recommend having set office cleaning days when the floors are cleaned, for example, Wednesdays and Fridays. Mopping should at least be done once a week, we recommend maybe on Fridays, so everything is fresh and clean when the work week starts on Monday.

Remember it is important that all the employees share the responsibility to clean the common areas and they are solely responsible for cleaning their personal space. The floors take extra time to clean so it’s important to have good teamwork and a routine. If they don’t look dirty that does not mean they aren’t dirty.

Clean the Lights

Overhead lighting can be a big challenge to keep clean, but it is very important. When you’re thinking of office cleaning you might not think about cleaning the lights because you don’t need to perform this task as often.

Dust is always building up inside of and on top of light fixtures, causing a dingy look which can lead to less productivity. Cleaning the lights usually requires a ladder so you will need to have one in your office or bring one in when it’s time to clean the lights. While you are cleaning the lights, it is a great time to make sure all the bulbs are still working and replace any that have burnt out. The dust that collects on lights can also cause people with allergies to suffer and maybe even miss work.

Good lighting in an office is very critical, as it helps with reading and staying alert while on the job. By keeping the lights clean, you are protecting your employees eyes and letting clients know that you will have a bright future working together.

Set Guidelines For Office Cleaning

Employees should always know what is expected of them and knowing how the office is expected to look is also important.

Employees should be told how their workspaces should look so that they know what is expected. Screens should be kept clean, keyboards should be regularly dusted, papers should be organized, drawers should be tidy and chairs need to be cleaned weekly.

If you meet up with employees in their workspace on a regular basis it will help them to make sure to keep their workspace clean. If people are meeting in different workers’ workspaces they will be more inclined to keep everything tidy. If each employee is keeping their own space clean, the office as a whole will function much better.

Hire A Professional Office Cleaning Company

As you can see from reading these tips, keeping a clean office is a huge task, and one that your employees don’t usually love to do. When you add up all the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning services company in Santa Barbara, you will see how affordable office cleaning services are. Having your staff clean the office can only go so far. Regularly bringing in a professional office cleaning company will help with the morale of your employees, keep everyone healthy, and more productive.

Office cleaned by cleaning service in Santa Barbara, Ca

With Southern Coast Janitorial you receive the best cleaning services for your office cleaning needs. From floor cleaning and polishing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, restroom cleaning and more. Our office cleaning service will include every need and every aspect of your property.

It’s a profession that needs skill, and we provide skilled experts who know their job! Our services are reliable, on time, and discrete, so we never interfere with your business’ day to day operations.

Benefits of hiring Southern Coast Janitorial:

  • Maintain a Healthy Environment For Your Staff
  • Make a Good First Impression on Clients and Potential Customers
  • Save Time and Money
  • Enjoy Dependable and Flexible Service
  • Overall Cleaning By A Professional Cleaning Crew
  • Attention to Detail
  • Stress-free and Hassle-free Experience
  • More Efficient and More Productive Employees
  • High Cleaning Quality and Cleaning Standards
  • An Extra Clean Longer lasting Results

It’s important for commercial offices to have a safe and clean work environment for the staff and workers. One of the easiest ways to keep your office clean is by using a dedicated and respected cleaning service. At Southern Coast Janitorial, we strive to provide quality cleaning services for your home, or commercial office. Regardless if you need a good deep cleaning or sanitizing for your office, Southern Coast janitorial is here for your cleaning needs.


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