About Us

The best janitorial service in Santa Barbara County

Southern Coast Janitorial owner and founder, Thomas Ramirez has spent the last 33 years in the cleaning industry and counting. He has worked in various operations and management positions. Over the years he has developed vast knowledge, experience and resources to draw upon.

In 1987 at the young age of 18, I had three jobs. From 8 to 5 I worked in a mailing house, a place with scant potential for growth. My second job was with a cleaning service which kept me busy until 10 or 11 at night. The third job was added when I learned of a weekend cleaning job. I remember this to be my lucky break and the start of my own business. With a vacuum cleaner, a duster and a few bucks to my name, I quit my morning job and began to advertise. In the beginning I only had one account bringing in about $95 a month. Doing odd jobs to stay afloat I began to read books on business principles and cleaning techniques. I enrolled myself into a Business College were I negotiated my schooling fees by cleaning the school each night. The Business grew in gradual steps opening doors to new clients totaling 11 and revenues of about$4,000.00 per month, Until I sold the company in 1989. In 1996, I was ready to take the reins again. With new energy, maturity and focus, I re-purchased Southern Coast Janitorial and by this time I had become more bold and more business-oriented and ready to be more successful. 

My Commitment to our Clients & Employee’s

As of 2013 Southern Coast Janitorial has considerable variety among its clients.  In order to insure that each customer is given proper attention, we have regular staff meetings to discuss problems, to assess flaws in performance, and to identify special needs or requests.  We at Southern Coast Janitorial enjoy the friendly  face-to-face nature of a small business, and we’re serving more happy clients every year. Today our client list is over 150 business Santa Barbara, Goleta, Monticeto, Summerland, Carpintera, Ventura, Thousand Oaks with an office in Santa Barbara county. Today our revenues reached our initial goal and growing thanks to our loyal customers and employee’s.

Our Satisfied Customers

Reliability 100% Guaranteed

Professional business janitorial services in Santa Barbara are essential to a competitive company. Whether you own a small family business or a large corporation, a clean and healthy environment is essential for its proper development. Furthermore, an organized working space increases employees work speed and productivity and boosts client trust in the company’s products and/or services. In a competitive market where appearance can count as much as your product, a reliable  janitorial service provider can significantly contribute to your success in the market.

In commercial and office cleaning, Southern Coast Janitorial makes a difference.

With over Twenty Five years of experience, we know the ins and outs of the business and can provide the best business prices and service for the Tri-County area companies. Our knowledge in this industry allows us to correctly evaluate a space and purpose a complete, affordable cleaning plan that will strictly follow client requirements. We design a package that is suitable for your building. Our package is meant to make professional cleaning available for smaller and larger buildings in your area.

We provide services to all types of business in Santa Barbara-Thousand Oaks-Santa Maria and all cities in between from your basic to high maintenance cleanings, to thorough annual cleanings and move in or move out cleaning sessions. With a flexible approach, our team is always ready for any type of challenge and can promptly answer all clients needs.

Southern Coast Janitorial is committed to delivering the best business janitorial services for Santa Barbara companies.

With this goal in mind, we constantly improve and tailor our services. Our staff are fully trained professionals with at least five years worked in this industry; our cleaning equipment is entirely new and up to date, featuring an impressive collection of cleaning machines ready to take over the hardest tasks; and our cleaning products are the most effective ones available on the market.

We use green cleaning chemicals and started to implement it in our business janitorial services for all of our clients.

We have started to replace chemical cleaning products with similar green products; our newer equipment uses less energy and has limited water consumption for a balanced use of natural resources, while traditional cleaning products have been exchanged for reusable ones. Both traditional and green cleaning are available for our business janitorial services in Santa Barbara.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction, Southern Coast Janitorial introduced “100% satisfaction guarantee” for all business janitorial services for the Tri Counties.  Through this guarantee we encourage clients to give us feedback on the services they receive.  If they are not satisfied with the result or something has been overlooked, we send our team back to reassess the mistake at no additional charge.  By notifying us to a mistake, you prevent us from doing it again.

When booking our staff  you will benefit from a job well done, without interrupting your daily routine. Southern Coast Janitorial is available during your working hours, as well as during weekends, complying with company’s schedule. Offering a personalized cleaning package, flexible schedule and excellent services, Southern Coast Janitorial is naturally the first choice when it comes to choosing a reliable Santa Barbara janitorial service provider.