Cleaning And Mental Health

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With growing awareness of mental health issues, many people are now actively addressing their problems. Often you will hear about how changing your diet, lifestyle, and workouts improve your headspace. While all excellent methods in their own right, you should also consider your surroundings when dealing with mental health.

Often, a poor environment can contribute to issues such as depression and stress. As a result, many people work to improve their homes to feel better. We at Southern Coast Janitorial understand this and created this blog to help you know some of the facts.

How Does Clutter Affect Mental Health

A Mess Can Have Bad Memories and Reminders

When you are already feeling depressed or anxious, the last thing you need is a reminder of your troubles. Unfortunately, a mess can lead to just that and make you feel even worse off.

For example, many members of Southern Coast Janitorial report that it isn’t just messiness that unkempt homes have, but also unfinished projects. These can remind you how much work needs to be done, and having them there can make you feel like you are heading nowhere.

People often make a mess when they are upset or stressed, so seeing that same mess growing more significant can be detrimental. It can be as if that stress never goes away and just builds up. Rather than seeing your home as a place of rest and restoration, it is now a place of anxiety.

Clutter Can Make You Feel Confused

A clean space leads to an uncluttered mind, while a cluttered space can make dealing with issues much harder. Everything out of order in your house can make it harder to buckle down and deal with problems. You will likely spend more time wondering where something is or sorting through the clutter than focusing.

This kind of living situation will make you feel frustrated and angry, especially when you encounter issues resulting from these problems. If your own home is somewhere, you can’t feel safe, then there will always be a sense of tension that will not go away.

It Can Cause Exhaustion

Dealing with mental health issues is already a long process, but being surrounded by a physical mess can make it even worse. Just looking at a mess can make you feel fatigued. Studies show that women who suffer from depression look at the clutter in their homes and feel exhausted. The reason for that is that the mess is a physical reminder of how much work they need to do, which discourages them from doing something about it.

What Can Cleaning Do

Help Retake Control

Mental health issues can often come from feeling helpless or not controlling anything. People think they can do nothing about the problems and that they are at the mercy of some invisible force.

While there are some things you can’t control, your home should not be one of them. Keeping a clean house can allow you to regain some control. There are still some things you can’t control, like temperature. Seeing that can fill someone with confidence and be the first step to turning things around. Once they fix up their house, many people feel motivated to do more.

Provide Comfort

Your home should be a place where you can feel comforted and safe. Unfortunately, you cannot do that in a dwelling that’s messy and disorganized. That is why it is essential to keep a clean home. Thankfully you can fix things up or turn to cleaning services like Southern Coast Janitorial that can accomplish that. By tidying up your home, it can once again be a place where you can focus on resting and rejuvenating.

While this may not address other problems, a tidy home at least gives you a safe space to relax. Here you do not have to worry about the issues outside.

Cleaning Can Serve as Exercise

Although mental issues are supposed to be about your head, there is a well-known physical aspect. For that reason, exercise is one standard solution to dealing with stress and anxiety. By remaining physical, you can get the blood and endorphins pumping in your body without worrying.

Cleaning works similarly to exercise in that regard. While not as physically demanding, it doesn’t require too much thinking and keeps you on your feet. Some studies show that cleaning can even be a substitute for light exercises. It is better than just sitting around because you can get the endorphins running through your body, improving your mood.

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