Floor Care (Seal & Wax)

The right solution for every type of flooring

The team at Southern Janitorial Services is experienced in caring for all types of flooring. 

Here’s what we offer:


Terrazzo is a binder material such as cement or epoxy, with an aggregate such as marble, granite, plastic, or glass. Terrazzo floors have rich, low-luster finishes or high-gloss shines depending on your preference.

Terrazzo floors are relatively easy to maintain. Experts recommend daily sweeping and weekly mopping using neutral cleaner and clean water.


You can use wax or top-coat only products to finish wood floors. 

Wax products are a combination of sealers and stains, which penetrate the wood. Several coats of wax protect the sealers and stains. 

Top-coat products provide a thin layer of finish over the top of the wood to protect it.


Beautiful natural stone flooring can make any space look sleek and sophisticated. This unique flooring option is becoming very popular thanks to the wide range of colors and styles that are available, says Danny Boyd, regional sales manager of Georgia Marble Co, in Tate, Georgia.

But granite and marble flooring is very high maintenance. You’ll need to clean your floors frequently to keep it in good shape and looking its best.  

To keep your marble and granite floors looking great, Boyd recommends dust mopping at least two or three times a day in high traffic areas. Also, spot mop using a rayon mop head. Boyd also suggests applying a coat of finish. Each night, auto-scrub with a white pad and a neutral cleaner.

Dull marble floors can get restored to their original beauty, even after years of neglect. Southern Coast Janitorial recommends calling a marble contractor to handle any intense restoration job. Sanding and refinishing will cost about $3.50 per foot.


  • Cleaning solutions, where used, will have been mixed thoroughly and in the proportions specified without undue spillage of either solution or rinse water.
  • Proper precautions will have been taken to advise building occupants of wet and/or slippery floor conditions.
  • The space to be mopped will have been properly prepared for the mopping operation by sweeping the floor area as necessary and otherwise clearing of visible debris.


  • The mopping work will have been performed in such manner as to properly clean the floor surface, care is to be taken to see that the correct type and mixture of cleaning solution, if required, has been used. Proper extraction methods will be used to eliminate residue buildup in seams and discoloring of grout.
  • All mopped areas will be clean and free from dirt, streaks, mop marks, and strands, etc.; properly rinsed, if required, and dry-mopped for an overall appearance of cleanliness.
  • Walls, baseboards, and other surfaces will be free of watermarks, scars, or marks form the cleaning equipment striking the surfaces and splashings from the cleaning solution and rinse water.
  • Care will have been taken throughout the mopping operation to prevent the liquids and equipment from coming into contact with electric outlets located in the floor areas or baseboards.


  • The floor area will be free of dirt and dissolved wax particles, cleaning material residue, streaks; mop strands, and otherwise be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Walls, baseboards, furniture bases, and other surfaces will be free of watermarks, marks from the cleaning equipment, and splashings from the floor cleaning solutions.


  • The surface waxed will have the proper wax applied in accordance with best operating practices.
  • The wax will be applied thinly, uniformly, and evenly in such a manner as to avoid skipping of areas, and allowed to properly dry before being polished.
  • Walls, baseboards, furniture, and other surfaces will be free of wax residue and marks from the equipment. Covering for wall protection will be used in areas where paneling or cloth is found.
  • The waxed area will be free of streaks, mop strand marks, skipped areas, and other evidence of improper wax application.


  • The waxed or damp mopped surface shall have dried to the touch before being buffed.
  • Baseboards, furniture, and equipment will not be disfigured or damaged during the buffing work.
  • The finished area will be polished to an acceptable, uniform luster, and free of extreme highlights form the brushes of the machine.


  • All rug edges will be replaced to their proper position.
  • All moved items of furniture and office equipment will be returned to their original positions.
  • Care will have been exercised to avoid.
  • Damage to building and/or office equipment during movement of the furniture, etc.


  • The machine and other equipment will be checked and readied for work in a careful and thorough manner.
  • Additions of motor oil, where required, will be accomplished in a safe and careful way so as to avoid spillage and overfilling.
  • Cleaning solutions will be mixed thoroughly and in proportions specified without undue spillage of either solution or rinse water.


  • Only authorized personnel having sufficient instructions as to its proper and efficient operation will operate the mechanized equipment.
  • The scrubbing machine will be started and operated in a safe and reasonable manner.
  • Care of the mechanical equipment will be exercised at all times during its operation to avoid damage to personnel, building, and equipment.


  • Proper precautions will be utilized to inform the building occupants of wet and/or slippery conditions during the scrubbing operation.
  • The scrubbing work will be performed in such manner as to properly clean the floor surface with care taken to see that the proper cleaning solution is used.
  • All areas, including areas inaccessible to the machine and which are cleaned by means of deck scrubbing brushes and/or mops, will be clean and free of dirt, water.
  • Streaks, mop marks and string; properly rinsed and dry mopped to present an overall appearance of cleanliness.
  • Walls, baseboards, and other surfaces will be free of watermarks, scars from the cleaning equipment striking the surfaces and splashing from the cleaning solution and rinse water.


  • The cleaning and treatment of concrete is generally used to be able to seal concrete with various sealers like epoxy, Urethane sealers or even various paints.
  • We treat the concrete floors with degreasers and neutral cleaners to start loosening anything on top of the surface.
  • We scrub the concrete with machine and special brushes to penetrate the pores or spaces where dirt hides or gets trap, in some cases even the wire brushing is needed or scraping this way the dirt is removed after being loosen.
  • We rinse it up with power washing avoiding all the time the direct spraying on the surface, this can peel the concrete. The Concrete will be free of dirt, oils or solvents that will affect the sealers not to adhere all the way.
  • Any application can follow with the surface in this condition free of particles, cleaning material residue, streaks; mop strands.

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