House Cleaning

Your spotless residence awaits

At Southern Coast Janitorial, we know how hectic life can get. There’s nothing better than stepping into a spotless home at the end of a long day to relax with your family.

That’s why we offer our residential customers in the Santa Barbara and Goleta areas customized home cleaning routines to suit their specific needs and lifestyles. Our team of professionals is happy to accommodate your Santa Barbara household’s busy schedule and any of your house cleaning preferences.

Simply tell us what times or days of the week work best for you, and one of our trained and friendly professional cleaners will be ready to provide you with top-notch house cleaning services in Santa Barbara or Goleta.

We offer a wide range of house cleaning services in the Santa Barbara and Goleta areas. Customers are able to choose from these popular house cleaning services, or they can request their own customized house cleaning schedule to meet their needs:

  • Daily home cleaning service package – This is a good house cleaning option for large, busy households or for clients who have severe allergies or other health concerns. We’ll be sure your home remains in tip-top shape and do all of your cleaning every day so you can always come home to a beautiful, relaxing space!
  • Weekly home cleaning service package – This cleaning service is very popular for busy households that are always on the go. One of our friendly cleaners will come to your home at the same time every week to provide a deep, thorough clean in every room.
  • Monthly home cleaning service package – Even small and organized homes can accumulate a bit of a mess over a few weeks. We’ll come to your home every month to give it a top-to-bottom clean. We can customize your monthly cleaning checklist to fit your household’s needs.
  • On-demand home cleaning – Call us whenever you have a cleaning challenge. We’ll come to your home to clean up after a remodeling project, severe weather, fire damage, or flood damage.

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How our house cleaning services work:

You’re minutes away from getting the best house cleaning service in the Santa Barbara area.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Prepare a cleaning wishlist: What days and times would you like us to come clean? Also, think about any special areas of your home that you know need a lot of cleaning. We’ll come up with a cleaning schedule and plan to fit your needs!
  2. Get a quick quote: You can contact Southern Coast Janitorial to get a free, quick quote today! Simply fill out our online Quick Quote form, call us at 805-964-4993, or email
  3. Get ready for an amazing house cleaning service! Once your appointment is booked, we’ll get to work. One of our professional cleaners will arrive at your Santa Barbara home and get to work right away.
  4. Enjoy your fresh, clean home!

Our cleaning products are guaranteed to keep your loved ones safe

At Southern Coast Janitorial, our top priority is the safety of our customers and employees.

Feel free to ask us anything about the cleaning products we will use to clean your home. We have a wide range of traditional cleaning products, as well as environmentally friendly and natural cleaning options. We’re here to answer all of your questions and discuss any concerns you have about our cleaning services.

Our team of professionals will be happy to accommodate any special requests you have for cleaning products and chemicals. We are more than able to adjust your house cleaning routine as requested.

Why should Santa Barbara residents choose Southern Coast Janitorial?

Southern Coast Janitorial is proud to provide professional house cleaning services the Santa Barbara and Goleta areas.

The team at Southern Coast Janitorial makes it easy for residents in the Santa Barbara and Goleta areas to schedule and book convenient house cleaning appointments. Our dedicated professionals strive to give you the highest quality customer service and outstanding house cleaning results.

We understand that life can get busy, but a clean home is essential. We respect your busy schedules and work to make your home an inviting space where you feel comfortable relaxing with your friends and loved ones.

More about our cleaning services

Southern Coast Janitorial residential cleaning plans include a wide range of services in the Santa Barbara and Goleta areas.

Here’s everything we offer:


  • Vacuum/Mop all floors, carpets, rugs and stairs
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean over head Fan's and vents
  • Spot clean walls & window sills
  • Dust baseboards, light fixtures, furniture, sills, shelves, blinds etc
  • Clean glass surfaces


  • Clean showers, tubs, and sinks inside and out
  • Sanitize toilet, including bowl, seat, lid, tank, and base
  • Clean, dry, and shine all mirrors, chrome, and tile
  • Damp-wipe cabinet fronts
  • Clean all shelves, fixtures, and items on vanity


  • Clean, dry, and shine all appliance surfaces, range hood, and sink
  • Clean stove drip pans, burner grates, and control knobs
  • Wash counter tops & Appliances
  • Damp-wipe cupboard fronts, table, and chairs
  • Clean microwave oven inside and out, including turntable

Our Satisfied Customers

Professional Cleaning Services We Provide

Carpet Cleaning

We offer different types of carpet cleaning: Bonnet cleaning, Dry Chemical cleaning , and Hot Water cleaning.

Window & Screen Cleaning

Keep your office and home looking great with quick window cleaning by the professionals.

Hauling Services

Small Size junk removal Services. Why spend your time when we can do it for you?

Upholstery Cleaning

We offer Upholstery cleaning for your sofas and chairs to eliminate trapped dirt and allergens.

Vent & Air Duct Cleaning

We spend most of our time indoors. The quality of the air we breath is important to our health.

Post-Construction Cleaning

We'll remove any debris resultant from construction, turning your project into your dream home.

Restroom Cleaning

A clean bathroom prevents illness & infections, and is a direct reflection of your company.

Laundry Room Cleaning

In the laundry room, fine fibers & dust particles join forces to coat the shelves and counters.

Floor Cleaning

We offer professional cleaning services for your Tile and Hardwood Floors for your office or house.

High Power Pressure (Steam) Washing

Regular cleaning will not work for built up grime, but pressure washing will.

Light Fixture Cleaning

Clean light fixtures set the tone of your home or office. Dusty and dirty isn’t the image anyone wants to portray.