Holiday House Cleaning Tips

christmas house cleaning

The Holiday Season is here! Are You Ready?

The holiday season is one of the most joyous times of the year because of great food and the quality time we spend with family. There is also some additional cleaning stress during the holiday season with extra parties and family bringing additional cleaning needs. Imagine the piles of dishes, busier schedules and extra pressure to entertain guests. Holidays are a wonderful reason to celebrate! Don’t let the duties of entertaining and cleaning keep you from enjoying the holiday season.

Holiday House Cleaning Santa Barbara Style

Here are some suggestions to help organize your tasks. If you can get your family involved it might help make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

  • Don’t procrastinate. You don’t need to set aside an entire day to finish everything. You can clean your house in little blocks of time over a few days in order to spread out the work.
  • Get your whole family involved, including kids if they are old enough to help out.
  • Start in the front of the house with the entry, foyer and central closet to be prepared for guest coats.
  • The next day, take a little time to focus on cleaning the bathrooms and hallways.
  • Next, clean all the bedrooms and any other areas your guests will be using.
  • Lastly, clean the kitchen since it is always the central meeting area.

Tips to Get Your House Clean and Ready for Holiday Guests

Having guests for the holiday season is very common. Sometimes guests show up without giving much notice. It’s just part of the crazy holiday season. Southern Coast Janitorial would like to provide some ideas for how to quickly get your home clean and ready when guests arrive on short notice.

  • Start by getting everyone involved and give everyone something to help with when cleaning and decluttering. Focus first on the areas that people will see first and spend the most time.
  • Since it is the holidays you should always have easy snacks available. If you have cheese, crackers, salami, and olives you can quickly have it out and ready to serve for guests.
  • Be sure everyone is presentable. Does anyone need some new clothes or should you get anything washed or dry cleaned. You don’t need to be dressed up when people stop by without much notice, but you should still be prepared.
  • It’s easy these days to find a holiday playlist to have in the background.
    Then do a quick walk-through of your house.
  • Do the bathrooms have toilet papers and clean hand towels? Are there any messes or tripping hazards left, like kids’ toys in the hallways? If you’re in a hurry you can carry a laundry basket around to quickly collect any leftover items, and throw the basket in a closet to deal with later.

House Cleaning After the Holidays

The holiday’s are the biggest party season of the year and when we spend the most time with family and friends. But for all of you who are hosting the parties, this also means you will have a lot of house cleaning to do when people leave. Here are some easy holiday house cleaning tips!

  • Get rid of any unwanted gifts. Don’t let good intentions add additional clutter to your post-holiday house. If guests bring gifts you are not obligated to keep it. You can return gifts or donate them to charity. Holiday house cleaning is much easier without extra unnecessary items.
  • Go through the holiday cards, and make a list of who sent them to you. You can use this to send thank you cards or add to your card list for next year. You can recycle some of the images on the cards to use as gift tags if you would like. Throw the ones you don’t want in the recycling bin, and you can get started with the cleaning.
  • Clean the guest bedroom. Wash all the bedsheets in warm water with a little white vinegar to ensure they are fresh. While the sheets are in the dryer, you can clean the mattress thoroughly. Replace the bedding to make your next guests comfortable.
  • When you take down Christmas lights, you can save time next year if you put them away using one simple trick: Wrap strings of lights around a piece of cardboard or a paper towel tube to keep them organized and easy to unravel next season.
  • Find out when your trash pickup service comes for collecting Christmas trees, so you can leave your tree on the curb on the right day. It’s easier to house clean after the holidays if you don’t have to worry about pine needles.

Professional House Cleaning When You Need It

If you’d rather spend time cooking for your family and friends or just visiting, Southern Coast Janitorial can help you get the house ready for guests. Our house cleaning service professionals will dust, mop, wipe and vacuum until the whole house looks great. Whether you’d like a one-time cleaning or a weekly recurring cleaning plan, our custom cleaning plans are designed to work around your schedule and budget. Give us a call to schedule home cleaning services at 805-964-4993, or Request a FREE Estimate.

Here are a few other tips:

When working in a commercial office environment or at home, it’s crucial to remember the importance of cleaning, especially as the world is dealing with a pandemic.

Everyone loves a clean environment whether you’re at home or in your office. A clean environment is good for your health, both physically and mentally.

At Southern Coast Janitorial we want to make sure we provide you with as many tips as possible, if you are looking to do the work yourself. But if you need help we’re always here.

Hiring a professional office cleaning services company in Santa Barbara is more important than most local business owners might understand. Messy surroundings create a bad impression of your brand to potential clients and any visitor.

It’s not very difficult to keep up with regular cleaning like vacuuming your carpet and spot cleaning stains, but professional carpet cleaning is still very important.

Statistics show that most people spend 60 to 90% of their time indoors, and most of the air is confined within the A/C system, yet very few people are concerned about the air quality in their home or office.

Over time, gout and tiles end up being unclean and also wear down to the extent that they can not just be cleaned by a basic wipe.

One of the best ways to add warmth and style to your home is when your floors are sparkling. Regularly cleaning hardwood floors will make your family happier and should not be intimidating.

There are many exciting jobs around the house that are exciting and fun to work on. There are many simple projects and then there are more complicated projects that take more time.

Southern Coast Janitorial provides every professional cleaning services needed like: Carpet cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, restroom cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning, hauling services, etc.


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