House Keeping Tips for Seniors

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Everyone has to deal with spring cleaning and general housekeeping, even the elderly. You can still find yourself taking care of things around the house for years until retirement and beyond. However, the difference is that by then, you will not have the youth and health you once enjoyed, so you must tread carefully.

That does not mean you are entirely helpless, though. With some adjustments, you can still get a lot of housework done. We understand seniors’ cleaning experience here in Southern Coast Janitorial, and we want to help. That is why we have listed down our advice to make the process as painless as possible.

Keep a Checklist Each Day

When it comes to cleaning, something is bound to slip through the cracks. These memory issues will only worsen as you age, where your memory might not be as sharp as it used to be. Rather than desperately trying to remember everything, it is better to keep a checklist of things to do.

A checklist means that you can check all the tasks that you need to do in an instant as long as you keep it in a place you can access it. Aside from that, you can also add or remove things throughout the day, so you are updated.

If you do use a checklist, though, make sure you update it immediately so that you won’t accidentally repeat or forget tasks.

Having a clear schedule also means cleaning is faster since you know what you need to do to plan it out in the most efficient way.

Wet and Forget Products

The best advice we can give you is to streamline the cleaning process to make it as efficient as possible. Many cleaning activities can be surprisingly tiring since you can end up going back and forth, so we suggest something like wet and forget products to make it easier.

These products can remove algae, mildew, and other harmful substances on various surfaces in your home. As the name suggests, the effects just need to be poured on the surface, and you are good to go. It doesn’t require any additional brushing or wiping, and you just leave it there, and you are good to go.

Label and Mark All Bins and Storage Areas

It’s hard enough to keep track of items and where they need to go independently, and that is why many recommend that you regularly mark all your bins and storage spaces. These labels can be a great help for seniors, in particular, so they clearly understand where everything is supposed to go.

Labels allow them to tidy things up while knowing where everything is supposed to go, so there isn’t any second-guessing. If you decide to go with a cleaning services in Santa barbara , bins like this also make sure they can organize your things the way you want.

Take Breaks

There is no shame in stopping from time to time and catching your breath. Once you are older, the simple fact is that you might not be able to do as much anymore. Rather than force over-exerting, you will get more done by pacing yourself carefully.

Take your time to get things done, and if you feel tired between tasks, you shouldn’t be afraid to stop for a few seconds. It can be pretty helpful to sit down and collect your thoughts, and some people use it as a chance to remember if you are missing anything or not.

Consider Using Mobile Storage

Probably the biggest issue that seniors encounter with cleaning is mobility. They will have a hard time moving around when doing their general cleaning, so moving back and forth is not advisable. All this will do is tire them out and slow down their cleaning progress even further.

For that reason, we recommend using mobile storage for some of your items to address this issue. Simple carts and baskets are an excellent way to keep things portable and keep them by your side.

You can use these for various things, such as kitchen items you will often need to keep together. Cleaning supplies are another possible use since you will need to take them with you throughout the house during general cleaning.

Use Extension Tools

Aside from moving on a flat surface, mobility issues can also affect your ability to go up and down. Southern Coast Janitorial and other experts do not advise seniors to perform tasks that require them to climb up ladders. However, that does not mean they should just leave those places to gather dust.

Extension tools such as claws or extendable cleaning implements are some substitutes you can consider in the place of having to climb up. With them, you can get more reach to work on high areas or reach down for lower areas without bending down. Many of these tools are readily available in department stores, so you should find them pretty easily.

Get Some Help

There are some things that you might not be able to do anymore. Some areas are too hard to reach or too strenuous on your body when you are older. It might be better to get someone to help you work around the house. You can call one of your relatives or friends to help out, though if you are embarrassed to ask them, there is always a cleaning service like Southern Coast Janitorial. We can help you with the worst of the tasks with them by your side.

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