The Importance Of Cleaning Services

cleaning services

Everyone loves a clean environment whether you’re at home or in your office. A clean environment is good for your health, both physically and mentally.

You can choose to either perform self-regular cleaning or professional cleaning depending on various factors such as size of the space to be cleaned, time and budget available. Self-regular cleaning obviously don’t cost anything, but your time, but your time is worth a lot.

Regular cleaning services can be effective at the home or office; however, a professional touch is vital for deep cleaning and other specialized cleaning. Our professional cleaning services team have a well-trained staff, machines, and other resources to handle all your cleaning needs.

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning services can handle all types of cleaning. The following are the benefits of hiring a professional janitorial service in Santa Barbara.

Healthy Environment

Cleanliness and health go hand in hand. Regularly hiring professional cleaners to attend to the most commonly dirty services like the floors, windows, carpets, and furniture, can give a conducive environment safe from disease-causing microorganisms in the home or office. In particular, dust, pollen, and other pollutants that cause asthma, allergies, and breathing problems can be eliminated by having regular weekly cleaning services and deep cleaning services bi-annually..


Everyone knows how to perform basic cleaning in the house or office; however, only a professional understands the nitty-gritty of cleaning all components of the home or office and all industry standards. Keeping your office clean can greatly improve the work of your employees and always provides a professional look for your clients. Your office is an extension of your brand, and if you’re not able to keep a clean office, your customers might lose trust in your services. At least schedule a periodic deep cleaning to remove stains, grime, and mold that are difficult for you to clean.

Hiring Southern Coast Janitorial can help you revitalize the look and feel of your home or office and leave every area and surface sparkling clean. We use specialized cleaning supplies and machines to ensure you only get the best cleaning without any negative effects on your surfaces.

Pocket Friendly

What is your time worth? Cleaning your house or office regularly is important, but spending time cleaning when you should be spending time with your family or other income producing activities isn’t a good use of your time. Professionals can help you maintain a clean home or office at a low cost, saving you time to focus on what is more important. Our competitive rates will make it easy for you to decide if you want us to clean everything or just the cleaning services that you don’t want to do.

We have different ala carte cleaning services you can choose from such as: professional carpet cleaning, window cleaning, run cleaning, restroom cleaning, or upholstery cleaning.

Or you can hire our dedicated team to clean your entire house from kitchens to restrooms to carpet and more. Or with our commercial janitorial services our friendly staff will have your office looking immaculate on a weekly or monthly basis.

Most Popular Cleaning Services in Santa Barbara

There are many cleaning services available in Santa Barbara. The most common services we provide are:

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets have several qualities, thicknesses, and textures that require different cleaning techniques. Simply scrubbing your carpet with a brush can end up ruining your expensive rug and leading to huge replacement costs. Professional carpet cleaners can help clean tough carpet stains such as pet urine and stool that are very difficult to remove.

Specialized cleaning services can help eliminate odors caused by dirt and bacteria. Vacuuming only takes surface-level debris from the carpet leaving dirt trapped in the carpet; professional carpet cleaning services and machines go deep into the carpet to remove stains, molds, and mites to keep the carpet clean.

Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning will make you feel like you’re in a new house and if you are hosting guests for an event you’ll definitely want clean windows and screens. Dirty office windows are a reflection of your company and how unimportant the little things are. Clean windows can help promote the aesthetic appeal of the house. The cleaning involves soaping up, brushing, and squeegeeing windows to remove tough stains such as tree sap, pest dropping, and other grime to keep your window clear for easy cleaning.

Due to long hours on the job and training, the cleaner can spot common window problems before getting severe. By hiring a professional, you can get a heads up on poorly-fitted window screens, rolling sills, dysfunctional windows, or sashes that are painted shut. Proper cleaning can help remove corrosive contaminants on the window to increase the lifespan of the windows.
Aluminum screens deteriorate over time, etching deposit patterns similar to the lime deposits in the shower. The cleaners arrest the deterioration of its paths to avert damage and increase the window lifespan.

Cleaning windows that have been infested by pests like bees, wasps, and hornets can be harmful when self-cleaning. Professional cleaners are trained to spot and dispose of the pests, clean the windows safely, and keep your family safe from pest stings and bites.

House Cleaning

A home is a place for your family, and thus only a clean house can ensure a safe living environment for your family. Regular cleaning keeps the home clean, but after time there is an accumulation of dirt in difficult-to-reach areas that requires more deep cleaning. Janitorial services have better tools that can help keep your house cleaner.

Hiring Southern Coast Janitorial means you can clear years of dirt and dust in one day. In Fact, the cleaning can help restore tiles, clean off granite and restore old surfaces. You can choose between deep cleaning and regular cleaning service in the home at low costs. The cleaning eliminates allergens and extends the home’s lifespan by maintaining the surfaces in the home. The cleaning services can handle the wood flooring, tile flooring, carpets, and furniture.

Office Cleaning

A clean office plays a crucial role in improving business performance. A clean office can create a good first impression and hence help retain more customers to the business. Research shows that 85% of clients don’t return after seeing a dirty restroom. It’s imperative to keep all sections of the office clean to retain more customers.

A clean office space will increase productivity and keep your employees and customers safer and healthier. Our professional commercial janitorial services include cleaning restrooms, dusting, sweeping and mopping, emptying the trash, removing cobwebs, and vacuuming the carpet. The services needed for the office are dependent on the size and regularity of the office cleaning.

You can choose suitable packages to handle all the aspects of your cleaning to ensure you always have a clean environment.

It’s important for commercial offices to have a safe and clean work environment for the staff and workers. One of the easiest ways to keep your office clean is by using a dedicated and respected cleaning service. At Southern Coast Janitorial, we strive to provide quality cleaning services for your home, or commercial office. Regardless if you need a good deep cleaning or sanitizing for your office, Southern Coast janitorial is here for your cleaning needs.


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