What Are The Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

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Many experts agree that you should have your carpet cleaned at least once a year to keep it looking beautiful and prevent dust buildup. Usually, people schedule it when they notice their carpet loses luster or before a big event. In both cases, the reason for it is based on the carpet’s appearance.

While it’s not surprising that cleaning your carpet can provide health benefits, people often underestimate just how many there are. Experts like Southern Coast Janitorial know how much difference carpet cleaning can make. That is why I want to take some time and explore some of these health concerns so you can see for yourself why you should specialist consider carpet cleaning.

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Prevents Dust Buildup

Probably the most well-known health benefit of regular carpet cleaning is preventing the buildup of dust and other particles. Carpets are some of the best places for dust particles to gather as the rug’s fabric catches stray particles and pulls them into the material where you won’t be able to remove them quickly.

Traditional home cleaning methods like dusting or vacuuming aren’t always effective. Usually, some particles leftover continue to build up over time.

To thoroughly remove dust will require more work, such as washing it or beating the particles out. While it is possible to do it yourself, the process is quite long, and many people find it a hassle to do. It can take hours to finish the whole process, which leaves you unable to do any work or chores.

The issue with these dust particles is that they can also include pollen and allergen that affect breathing. Too much of these specks can cause or further affect allergies and asthma. The elderly or children are most susceptible to this since their lungs might not be as strong.

Thankfully carpet cleaning services like Southern Coast Janitorial can handle most of the grunt work for you. Whatever you need to be done on your carpet, they can take care of it and free you to handle other things that might require your attention.

Harmful Bacteria Can Grow Without Carpet Cleaning

Dust particles aren’t just bad for your lungs, and they can also be an issue with the environment they create. In the rug, having that much dust can also lead to the growth of harmful bacteria and even dust mites. An unhealthy environment like that is the perfect breeding ground for them to develop and spread out.

No one needs to tell you that bacteria is a bad thing. While your body can generally fight off any bacterial threats, too much of them can be a problem. Bacteria coupled with an unclean environment can weaken your immune system enough that you are more susceptible to getting sick from it.

Dust mites are even worse. Like bacteria, they develop in places with plenty of dust and can multiply rapidly. These tiny parasitic organisms suck your blood, similar to ticks or leeches. The difference between them is that they are microscopic, so you will not see them. That means getting rid of them is much harder, too, since you won’t be able to tell if you get rid of them or not.

Carpet cleaners, though, know precisely how to get rid of both of these. They make their careers out of dealing with dirty carpets, and as a result, they know the best methods of getting rid of bacteria and dust mites cleanly and effectively.

An Unclean Carpet Can Hamper Air Flow

We know that an unclean carpet can affect air quality, and most people understand how it can leave the air dusty, but that’s not the only way carpets can affect the airflow as well.

In your home, airflow is already somewhat limited than it usually is outside. Because of that, the air can only pass through certain areas. Things like walls and doors can prevent the easy movement of air, so the air needs to move as much as possible.

With too much dust in your house, though, it can further clog up the air, which makes easy airflow even more difficult than it already is. When it builds up in your carpet, the issue can get out of hand, especially if they are near places like hallways, which is why some rooms get stuffy.

However, we can help prevent that with Southern Coast Janitorial and allow for improved airflow. You can get well ahead of the issue with regular and intensive cleaning before it gets this bad.

Improve the Feeling of Your Carpet

When you clean your carpet, you don’t just make it look nicer, and the effects are also apparent with your other senses. You are likely to touch your carpet, either with your hands or feet. This fact is especially relevant for kids who might enjoy tumbling around. However, it can also present health issues.

Without proper maintenance, dust and bacteria can make your carpet feel rough. When someone sits or lies down against it, the rug will feel scratchy and irritating their skin as it rubs against them. This can leave your skin with rashes due to dust mites and bacteria.

Removes Harmful Chemicals

Although dust and bacteria are some of the more common things that can appear on your carpet, they are only naturally occurring. Other harmful substances can end up in your carpet.

People often think of these issues based on how it affects your carpet. For example, messes can leave stains that ruin the appearance of horrible odors that leave it unpleasant to be around. The most common of these come from animal urine or droppings. Aside from the aesthetics, these issues can also cause medical problems.

While you might be able to clean that up with standard cleaning methods, it can still leave harmful bacteria on your carpet.

Messes like that, in particular, are how you get things like leptospirosis. You have to be careful when you clean as messes can still linger afterward.

Aside from pets, food messes can attract harmful parasites like mosquitos and insects, which can also present a health risk. Stains from food or drinks can also lead to the growth of molds in your carpet, which can also cause other issues if they are exposed to your family.

With Southern Coast Janitorial, we will target stains and other messes in your carpet and clean it thoroughly to prevent lingering issues like that. On top of basic cleaning methods, we can use more effective ways to ensure they won’t be too much of a problem in the future.

Mental Health Benefits

Aside from the physical improvements that happen from cleaning your carpet, it can also improve your mental health. Mental health isn’t all internal, a lot of it is affected by your surroundings, and a messy space can play a part in causing stress and anxiety. Of your furniture, a carpet is an important one for several reasons.

Rugs are one of the most significant pieces of furniture you have. The second problem is that messes in your carpet aren’t just seeing it, affecting your other senses. If something is wrong with your carpet, it can affect its texture and smell. Even if you aren’t looking at them, the issues can still be present and are generally harder to ignore.

However, it can be pretty tricky to find the motivation to clean or tidy up your space when dealing with mental health issues. However, this becomes a self-repeating feedback loop since the mess gets worse, it can affect your mood, which affects your motivation to do something about it.

If you manage to clean it up, though, the effects on your mental health can be pretty powerful. Although it might be seen as a small task by some people, just being able to do it can leave you feeling good. Many people feel much better and happier when they clean up the area.

However, having someone to help can’t hurt either and can be a way around it. If you’re not motivated to do it, someone else can, but you can still enjoy the cleaner room. Southern Coast Janitorial can help clean up that mess in your carpet, leaving your space looking much better and happier.

How Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Different From Home Cleaning?

Prevents Dust Buildup

After hearing all of this, many of you probably wonder what difference it makes to just do the cleaning on your own then. Well, it might sound easier said than done. Cleaning a carpet is much more complicated than cleaning other furniture because the fabric makes it harder to be thorough. Easier you might be able to address some issues with vacuuming or dusting, you can’t always get everything. If you want to clean your carpet, it can require a lot of attention as you need to do a lot of cleaning methods such as washing it, beating it, and shampooing it to be through.

With a specialist like Southern Coast Janitorial, they can better ensure that your carpet gets all the attention it needs to clean it. Their staff is specially trained in dealing with carpet-related messes so they can make use of techniques specific to dealing with the issue. Aside from that, they can use more equipment to ensure that they get the job done.

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If you need help, Southern Coast Janitorial, the best Santa Barbara professional cleaners, will provide the exceptional cleaning services, and maybe just do the things you don’t want to do. From floor cleaning and polishing, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and more.

Our services are reliable, professional and on time. Our Residential cleaning services can be custom catered to meet the needs of your property.


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