What Is Junk Removal And How Does It Work?

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While everyone was stuck at home, we had the chance to assess all the things in our house. People now spend plenty of time looking over their items and checking for what they want to keep. If they don’t like something, they often opt to sell, donate, or get rid of it. If no one else wants it, your best bet is with a junk removal service. Junk Removal is a method that allows you to remove some unwanted items from your home. Any companies offer this service to let you declutter your home. This article will explain how the whole process works with junk removal.

What is Junk Removal

What is junk removal? It is the process of getting rid of unwanted items from your house. Things like this are not needed or unusable. However, these items may not fit the usual garbage. Junk items are different from other garbage, depending on how disposable they are.

You shouldn’t think of food waste or plastic when thinking of junk. Junk is usually things you use for a long time, furniture or appliances that you cannot easily remove. That’s why you need to get a specialist to remove them. Several junk companies handle this stuff in the place of regular waste management.

Regular garbage removal

Your first question is probably why you need a specialist to handle removing your junk. Since we all have Marborg as our regular garbage department, so why can’t they take it? While that is true, relying on a typical garbage department comes with issues. While it sounds like a regular garbage cleaning service, junk removal offers some key differences.

Their jobs are to handle regular waste, not necessarily junk removal. So if you give them old furniture and appliances, they’ll treat them like any other waste. What it means is that it contributes to landfills and pollution. While a few might be willing to segregate waste, most garbage departments simply throw them into the dump, contributing to issues like landfills.

The second big issue is if these items have sentimental value, you might not like what they do with them. With services like standard garbage departments, the goal is to serve as many people as efficiently as possible, not necessarily with the best quality. As a result, they won’t offer your things any special care, which is something many people might not want to see.

Lastly, even if you don’t go through with them, you will be dependent on the department’s own rules. They have to offer everyone the same as a government service, which means they need to follow a strict schedule instead of visiting people based on needs. You’re out of luck if you need to get rid of stuff immediately. That is especially true if you only have a few select items to get rid of.

The same is not true for a good service where even a cheap junk removal service will go to you.

Types of Junk Removal Services

A market like this has a few variations that you should watch out for when looking for a service. These can affect what work you need to do and how much you will pay.

Truck Hauling

This type of service is the most common one for household junk removal. How it works is that the company will send a truck and movers to pick up your things for you. They will handle everything from moving and disposing of your junk. The only thing you need to do is leave it out for them to take your waste. Unsurprisingly, a junk removal service like this is a bit more expensive due to the extra costs and labor.

Dumpster Rental

This type of service is quite different in that the junk removal service only provides you with the materials instead of labor. The basic idea is to provide you with one of their dump trucks and a place to bring your junk. That means that the actual work for junk removal is free because you will be doing it yourself. However, the advantage here is that you will be working at your leisure. With possible extensions, dumpster rentals let you use their truck for about a week. That means you do not need to remove everything in one day.

How Does the Junk Removal Process Work

Contacting the Company

The first step is finding a company you can trust to handle it. With so many out there, you should research beforehand to find the best one. When researching, there are a lot of factors you have to keep an eye out on. Most junk services have an online presence, so you must visit their website. Just Google “Junk removal near me,” and you can have many results.

The first is whether or not they handle the things you want to get rid of. Different companies have different lists of items they are willing to take, and some may focus on specific categories, such as old appliances. These companies use a unique disposal process for items, so they must ensure that the things they take can be disposed of there.

Aside from that, you have to check their location and home service. Many junk companies, especially since the pandemic, now offer home services. Instead of making you go to their plant, they will drop by your house and pick up the items themselves.

Check out their reviews and reputation if you want to do additional research. Those can indicate their performance and how other people see them. Here, the advantage is that you get a no-filter view of what people say about them. Their website has every reason to say positive things about them, but reviews can be more accurate for junk removal services.

A Consultation

Now that you have a place you want, the next step is to reach out to Southern Coast Janitorial in Santa Barbara. Most companies offer some sort of consultation with their staff. Here you can meet with them and explain your situation. The reason is that the services can determine if they can handle your case and offer advice. It also allows them to explain things such as cost and schedule. Most junk services do not list down their costs. You shouldn’t think that it means free junk removal, and the reason is that the prices depend on what they remove.

Many places have a junk removal calculator that determines costs depending on the item’s weight, type, and size. If you find that acceptable, you can then talk about the schedule. The schedule will let you pick when they send the truck and junk removal team to your house. While it does depend on the availability of their resources, it does give you freedom. You can pick the best time when you are free and comfortable with them there. Most junk removal services offer them on most days of the week, so you have plenty of schedules to pick from.

Once you finalize everything, your junk removal service will let you know about any changes.

For a dumpster rental, it will depend on the size of the truck you get and for how long. A small dump truck of 20 cubic yards is about $300-700. If you want a bigger dump truck twice that size, it can cost $400-840 a week.


The junk removal team will show up at your house and take the junk on the day itself. They will handle transporting and moving it, and you just need to direct them towards it. Once they get your things, you may wonder what they do with them. Another difference is between a junk removal service and a standard sanitation department. The garbage department may just take it to the dump, depending on where you live.

Some might sort through the garbage and separate your junk depending on your government, while others require you to do it. However, most of the time, people will just throw them in the same place.

With a junk removal service, though, they have the advantage of dealing with less junk and people. They can better segregate all your things to send them to the proper service. That leads to my other point: a junk removal service always makes sure to dispose of junk in the most eco-friendly way. They will take the extra effort to bring your things to a recycling plant instead of the dump.

That means there is less waste overall, and your things are taken care of properly. If you have some attachment to those items, it can help put you at ease knowing this. People feel better when they hear their things are reused instead of in a mountain of trash.

Junk Removal Santa Barbara, Ca

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