Window Cleaning Removing Paint on Glass: 3 Tips & Tricks

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There are many exciting jobs around the house that are exciting and fun to work on. There are many simple projects and then there are more complicated projects that take more time. Some of the jobs around the house are safe and some can be more dangerous. If you decide to take on a new project yourself or call in the professionals, it’s important to know what it takes to perform these tasks.

One common job that might seem simple but is a little more complex than expected is removing paint or something sticky on glass. While there are certainly ways to do this yourself, it’s important to use the proper technique and equipment to protect your windows.
When the sun sets and is in the proper position shining through a window, it shows scratches and dirt on the glass.

Here are some tips to window cleaning when something like paint or something sticky is on them. Clean windows will make your house look much better inside and out.

Don’t Use a Razor

One of the biggest mistakes people make is using a razor blade when removing paint or sticky items on glass. It might seem easy to chip away at the dried paint, a few problems might happen. It is difficult to remove all the paint from the glass.

There might be chemicals or oils left that can damage the glass. Using a razor can also easily turn a short job into a larger problem. If you don’t use the right technique, razors can scratch and chip glass, affecting your window’s efficiency or you might even need to replace the window, especially if done on tinted windows.

Get the Right Solution

Instead of using a razor to scrape your windows, removing paint or something sticky on glass can be as simple as using the correct solutions. There aren’t many household items that properly break down the paint so you can safely scrub it away without scratching the glass.

Both vinegar and baking soda in hot water work for removing paint. Between those options, white vinegar is likely best for cleaning paint off glass. Another option would be to use acetone, which is a chemical often found in nail polish remover and does not harm non-tinted glass. You can add a little nail polish remover onto a cloth and rub down the window until the paint is gone.

Be careful because acetone will need to be removed completely from the window. It is possible that the acetone will etch the glass over time if it is not fully removed, and especially if the window is in direct sunlight.

Acetone should never be used on tinted windows because it will destroy the tinting. Acetone can also ruin painted frames and some surfaces so be very careful if you choose to try this method.

Use the Proper Equipment

Make sure you have the proper cloth and other equipment needed when removing paint. A microfiber cloth is best to avoid leaving behind streaks and lint when cleaning windows. A microfiber cloth can also protect against tiny scratches that could occur with rough cloths or paper towels.

It is also important to wear gloves when you’re working with chemicals. If you are using chemicals like acetone, try to do the job in an airy or well-ventilated space to avoid breathing in anything harmful.

Call Southern Coast Janitorial

Whether you are a good DIYer or not, there is always value in calling professionals to take care of these jobs. The pros at Southern Coast Janitorial can save you the time and the headache and also ensure your safety and the safety of your windows.

Here are a few other tips:

When working in a commercial office environment or at home, it’s crucial to remember the importance of cleaning, especially as the world is dealing with a pandemic.

Everyone loves a clean environment whether you’re at home or in your office. A clean environment is good for your health, both physically and mentally.

At Southern Coast Janitorial we want to make sure we provide you with as many tips as possible, if you are looking to do the work yourself. But if you need help we’re always here.

Hiring a professional office cleaning services company in Santa Barbara is more important than most local business owners might understand. Messy surroundings create a bad impression of your brand to potential clients and any visitor.

It’s not very difficult to keep up with regular cleaning like vacuuming your carpet and spot cleaning stains, but professional carpet cleaning is still very important.

Statistics show that most people spend 60 to 90% of their time indoors, and most of the air is confined within the A/C system, yet very few people are concerned about the air quality in their home or office.

Over time, gout and tiles end up being unclean and also wear down to the extent that they can not just be cleaned by a basic wipe.

One of the best ways to add warmth and style to your home is when your floors are sparkling. Regularly cleaning hardwood floors will make your family happier and should not be intimidating.

Southern Coast Janitorial provides every professional cleaning services needed like: Carpet cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, restroom cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning, hauling services, etc.


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